Tuval Proje


TPD Construction; entered the sector in 1990 as Ayyıldız İnşaat with a project with 30 flats. Ayyıldız Construction, which has signed nearly 300 projects in Mersin and its districts since the beginning of the 90s, was named TPD Yapı in 2008 and named Tuval Proje in 2015.

 The first completed service as Tuval Proje is Soli Center AVM. Tuval Project; After the AVM project, he completed the construction projects of Tuval Park, Tuval Line, Tuval Garden, Tuval Hill, Tuval For Life, Tuval Next Life, Tuval In Life, Tuval Max, Zefirya, Zefirya Green, Zefirya Green 2 and started planning for Tuval Eternity has begun.

As one of the four companies within the TPD Group, Tuval Proje focuses on fine thoughts and designs and develops itself in each new project and produces residences above the standards. The rising value of Mersin, Mezitli and Yenişehir, continues to offer quality living spaces to the people of Mersin, with the effort to always achieve the better.

As a living space, the home is not only a place where basic needs are met, but also a place where people have fun, rest and regain productivity. That’s why we focus on communication with people, trying new ideas, spatial satisfaction and the permanent. The starting point of this understanding for us is the respect for the people who produce the culture of living. For Canvas Project, respect for people means knowing people, understanding people and working for people. Only this effort shows us what is right and we create quality living spaces with these truths.